Guardian Application

Guardian Application

Honor Flight of Central Oregon (HFCO) flights would not be possible without the generous support of our Guardians. Guardians play a significant role on every trip, ensuring that every veteran has a safe and memorable experience. Guardians must be able-bodied and capable of assisting a veteran throughout their trip. Note: Guardians must be one generation removed from the veteran. Veterans will be assigned a guardian if the veteran does not have one.

The primary responsibility of a Guardian is the physical safety and security of one or more veterans:

  • Helping up and down stairs
  • Helping on and off buses
  • Pushing wheelchairs up and down ramps
  • Physically handling equipment and baggage

This is a physical, working trip for Guardians to ensure our veterans are served with the dignity and honor they have earned.

Guardians are responsible for the cost of their travel with the group $1500.00 (covers air transportation, hotels, meals, etc.). 

Effective May 2025, TSA will require certain forms of identification for airline travel (ie Real ID). Access the TSA website here to ensure you have approved ID.

Guardian Application

Guardian Application Online

Guardian Payment ($1500). 

You can also contact us at: Georgea Edwards: Cell: 503-913-8483, email:

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